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Our third main pillar are the “Special events with special requirements”. This is a factually correct but nevertheless slightly cumbersome designation. Therefore in a nutshell: Events. It stands for very different types of events with very different requirements, if not challenges. Looking at the examples shown on this page will give an idea of what we are talking about. Some events will tickle the imagination in a special way. Primarily because they entail requirements that go beyond the scope of the ordinary.

Showtime: Special events - Events

The Jazz Rally Düsseldorf

In 2017 the Jazz Rally in Düsseldorf celebrated its 25th anniversary. For almost as many years we have been providing technical service and other support for this event which is organised by Destination Düsseldorf, an association of around 150 local companies including BTL. The event has been growing continuously and in the meantime has become the biggest Jazz Festival in Germany. Year after year at Pentecost around 300.000 visitors flock to the city to watch the performances of 300 - 400 musicians at 30 different venues, and listen to all varieties of Jazz and Jazz-related Music.

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ARAG Head office

The inauguration of the new ARAG head office on April 27 2001 in Düsseldorf was one of those once-in-a-lifetime events. Standing at 125 metres the new ARAG tower, designed by Lord Norman Foster, is at least 2m higher than the city’s tallest building had been up to that date. The performance at the inauguration was to be an affair of equal dimension. BTL was responsible for the complete planning, organisation and implementation.

Fortuna 95: alternative venue due to ESC

To make room for the European Song Contest (ESC) 2007, Düsseldorf’s Traditionsverein (a club rich in history and tradition) Fortuna 95 had to vacate their stadium, the ESPRIT Arena. Three home matches and one U17 match required a new venue. With the negotiations wrapped up, the Düsseldorf municipality commissioned a “mobile” stadium for the upcoming period. BTL provided video and audio. 

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CSD Disco Truck

We know a thing or two about carnival floats. Year after year we equip some of them with public address systems and with a clownish crew on board they roll along with the Shrove Monday parade. A new gadget sort of came into play with the Love Parade and Christopher Street Day (CSD) events: the Disco truck on full blast. We built the rolling LIPS casting show for the TIMM TV station. The smaller vehicles were running at the Cologne CSD, the big truck in Berlin.   

BR Cycling Tour

The BR Cycling tour is an event organised by the public service radio broadcaster Bayrischer Rundfunk which has been taking place every summer since 1990. The participants ride along a plannend route divided into 6-7 stages, each covering around 60-70 kilometres. About 1000 participants register for the event who at the end of the day will be entertained with a free concert on a festival site with two stages.

Europe in Flow

The Cologne based artist Bernd Dreßen, with whom BTL had already collaborated in 1997 during the Heine Spektakel (celebrations for Heinrich Heine’s 200th birthday), in January 2001 introduced a project whose concept he had designed himself and for which he, together with the French stage director Lew Bogdan, had assumed the artistic and overall direction: "Europa im Fluss“ (Europe in flow), a Gesamtkunstwerk (a total work of art) including music, theatre, landscape sculpture and multimedia vision. The key element was a raft measuring 160m in length and 23m in width on which a ready to play theatre stage had been assembled. The raft was to sail down the river Rhine for 55 days, stopping at 23 performance locations with final destination Rotterdam where a closing ceremony was planned. Around 2000 logs were used to build the raft.  

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75 years Baldeneysee (lake Baldeney)

The lake Baldeney is not a natural lake, it was created by damming the river Ruhr. Impoundment works began in 1931, the lake was to function as a river purification  facility between Heilungen and Baldeney castle. By early 1933 the works had been completed and the Ruhr impounded. Since then it has been serving, just like its surroundings, as a sports activity and local recreation area. So in 2008 the opportunity arose to celebrate the lake’s 75th anniversary.

The Red Rhine

Time and again people were inspired by the Rhine. The same is true of the organisers of the 2007 Bambi Awards in Düsseldorf. The river was to be transformed into the longest ever red carpet laid out for the celebrities at this glamorous event.

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The NFL Europe / Rhein Fire

In 1995 professional American Football in Europe made a comeback: The NFL Europe was established consisting of 6 European teams with players from the US and the respective European countries. Two of the six were German outfits: the “old” Frankfurt Galaxy and the Düsseldorf-based Rhein Fire team, who would henceforth play its home games in the Rheinstadion. This was the beginning of the BTL and NFL Europe collaboration.

Lufthansa: 90m Flying Fox

An exciting attraction for Lufthansa in the departure hall of Düsseldorf airport. “Only flying is more exciting”?  As if!

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Video: 90m Flying Fox