Red Rhine Gallery

A red carpet for Bambi.


The Rhine was to glow red along the whole stretch between the city’s three bridges. In cooperation with the light artist Klaus Gendrung the DMT (Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourism Ltd) wanted to realise the idea at relatively short notice and commissioned BTL to provide and operate the system’s technical equipment. The total distance between the bridges is 3 km. Along this stretch a total of 70 x 7 kW Xenon spotlights  were positioned, the brightest spots available at the time, wired up and interconnected via WiFi which allowed a centralised control over the whole length. Up to that point responsibility lay in our hands and everything was functioning. However, the water temperature and the weather were beyond our control. The desired effect was only partially visible and, depending on the viewer’s position, was deemed more or less good. Rising mist would probably have enhanced the effect.