K 2017 Gallery

The Art of Rigging. Assembly of the pre-rig in hall 6 of the K-Trade Fair 2017

In event technology the term rig designates a system of trusses (modular trussed girders) serving as a carrier of net load. In practice these are spotlights, speakers or projection screens, but also curtains, scenery, banners or suspended ceilings as can be seen above exhibition booths. Whether supported by columns on the ground or suspended from the ceiling: the rig’s load capacity is restricted. Floor and ceiling, respectively, will have to bear the structure’s total weight and multiple security measures must be in place. Additional strain such as snow, rain or storm need to be factored in as well. In the exhibition hall, the competition among the various exhibitors with their ideas for stand construction also involves the amount of weight they can hang from the ceiling. They all submit their requests and demands to BTL.
The pre-rig: Our trade fair department’s planners draw up an overall plan and assemble the so-called pre-rig. This construction conveys the collective weight of all the rigs hanging above the individual stands safely to the ceiling. To reconcile the security requirements and the exhibitors’ requests is a challenge - and an art form.