COP23 Gallery

COP 23 - Side events in the Climate Action Domes

The Climate Action Domes on the DHL grounds hosted the meetings of, among others, the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2017. BTL developed and realised the technical and stage designs, which were adapted to the marquee domes. A filigree construction assembled from black cross beams for the attachment of spotlights and speakers was stylishly integrated into the dome’s curve. The intensity of diffuse light as it occurs in marquees poses a challenge. All the same: Despite the low overall depth and the missing vertical back area, large rear projections were achieved using powerful short-throw projectors. Peripheral displays and loud speakers provided for participants in more outlying areas. BTL’s stage and set designers delivered the complete stage and equipment, including the printed rear wall and pillars with the sponsors’ brand logos. The American climate initiative’s branding was changed for their Events.