A+A Gallery

The A+A on the catwalk

The catwalk serves as presentation area for a number of companies whose expectations regarding their corporate design as well as the latest collection and product design have to be met. For every presentation the stage set is designed in close coordination with the companies. This involves managing the balancing act between show light and white light: The right distribution and intensity creates a scenic atmosphere with coloured light on the one hand and sets the focus on the presentation of the materials using white light on the other. The projection of spectacular images, video and text on to the rear wall allows the flexibility required to create a distinctive setting for each of the companies. The whole programme is tied together by a professional choreography and a well-rehearsed team of professional dancers and models. At this event BTL is responsible for the entire event technology (video, sound and light, cross beams) and the technical support during rehearsals and the shows. Likewise for the set and stage construction which includes the special audience seating.